Thursday, September 4, 2008

Word to the wise: if you are a Democratic officeholder you should definitely sign this

Based on some anecdotal evidence from reliable sources, it seems clear that a significant number of Democratic officeholders - e.g. governors and members of Congress - are not quite aware of just how unhappy how many people are over the botched DNC convention (among other things).

Yesterday, a friend asked me: "But what can Democratic politicans do? They can't very well attack Senator Obama now."

My reply: Regardless of whether Democratic officeholders could or should criticize Senator Obama publicly, I know they will not. They will not because it is too risky for their own political futures. But...and this is important...Democratic office holders need to realize that their conspicuous failure to affirm Senator Clinton's importance to rank and file Democrats is also very risky for their political futures. Clinton Democrats number in the millions and any Democratic officeholder who wants to remain one needs to remember that.

So, what can Democratic politicians do? They can join the initiative to support Senator Clinton for Senate Majority Leader in 2009. To do this is to show respect for Senator Clinton and all the Democrats (including those who will happily vote for the Obama-Biden ticket) that one can support Senator Clinton and her ideas without being negative about Senator Obama. Senator Obama expects to be the next President of the United States. Fine. He has money and a campaign staff to help him meet his own expectations.

Many of us rank and file Democrats expect our Party to make sure it is as powerful in the 111th Congress as possible. We believe that making Senator Clinton Senate Majority Leader is one major step in that direction.

So, Democratic officeholders - and anybody else who wants to - check out the letter at for Hillary Rodham Clinton for Senate Majority Leader 2009. Directions about how to sign our letter to Democratic Senators urging them to make that happen appear on the website. There is also information about how individuals can contact Senators directly urging them to affirm this effort. We are letting Democratic Senators know that if and when they do affirm our effort, we will list them on an Act Blue fundraising page dedicated to Senators who believe, along with us, that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton can help our Party and our country in the office of Senate Majority Leader.

Check out the letter and learn how to become a signer here.


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