Thursday, September 4, 2008

A reader asked, so here it is: a link to the DNCC's official roll call tally

I am aware that on September 2 the DNCC managed to post its official tally of the roll call. I had not posted it here because I too hastily assumed that the information was sufficiently accessible already. But I am all for sharing facts, so for those seeking the official tally, you can see it here on the DNCC's official website.

What you will not find on the DNCC website is any information about precisely what occurred on the morning of the roll call when delegates were pressured and intimidated in many cases into voting against their own consciences and against the preferences expressed by those who sent them to the convention. You will not find any information about which delegates stood their ground despite such tactics. You will not find any comparative information about how many delegates per state voted other than they were pledged to do.

The DNCC is not required to release this information. But sometimes one should go above and beyond what one is required to do so as to demonstrate good faith. That applies to organizations, just as much as it does to individuals.


Blogger Patricia said...

The problem is that the DNC has lost credibility with a great number of people. It is like the little boy who called wolf and people came running to his rescue even though there was no wolf. Then a wolf actually came and he called out wolf again but this time no one responded. In life most of us rely on a bit of trust. When that trust is gone it is gone for those who broke it.

September 4, 2008 at 2:09 PM  

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