Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free facts about Act Blue and why their treatment of The Denver Group is unprincipled and objectionable

I have received a number of communications in which people express various forms of confusion about Act Blue and its treatment of The Denver Group. This will be my final post regarding this matter but I will do my best to answer the questions I have been asked.

Act Blue is a PAC, not an organ of the Democratic Party. It describes itself as "The online clearing house for Democratic action". Act Blue itself is a middleman: it does not raise money for candidates or causes; it provides a service to candidates and causes seeking Democratic action. The Denver Group chose to be listed on Act Blue - and to encourage our supporters to "tip" Act Blue, which is that organization's means of collecting funds to support itself - because The Denver Group is now and always has been committed to Democratic Action. I personally have created pages on Act Blue to support WomenCount, Sheila Jackson Lee, the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Ed O'Reilly, Gavin Newsome and Senator Clinton. I have also donated directly to Act Blue in appreciation for the service they provide Democratic candidates and causes.

Nowhere in Act Blue's mission statement do they make being listed there contingent on supporting the DNC as an institution or the Democratic Party's presidential nominee. Indeed among the causes and groups that remain listed on the Act Blue website are some that are directly contrary to supporting Senator Obama's presidential bid. For example:Howard Dean for President Draft Fund and Al Gore for President Draft Fund. Obviously raising money for candidates other than the Democratic Party's chosen nominee is ok by Act Blue. But of course if Dr. Dean or Mr. Gore were "drafted" to represent the Democratic Party in November's election, this would make it impossible for the DNC's preferred candidate to run in that role.

The Denver Group has never advocated replacing a freely and fairly elected nominee with somebody else; but this year the DNC has not produced a freely and fairly elected nominee. From the perspective of The Denver Group the conduct of the DNC and its officials is bad for the Democratic Party because that conduct is clearly costing the Party members and donations. Unsurprisingly, the DNC itself is listed on Act Blue, even though as an organization the DNC has driven millions away from supporting downticket Democrats as well as Senator Obama. Given this performance, at this point the DNC is hardly a group that stands for Democratic action, unless you count losing the support of millions of staunch Democrats Democratic action. I would call it something else.

Meanwhile The Denver Group is doing nicely with online contributions via Paypal and receipts via mail. If you would like to donate via Paypal, feel free to do so (please check the eligibility requirements for donation which appear over on The Denver Group website, where there is also a link to donate via Paypal).

As for Act Blue, I have only one thought for them: It's all over now, Act Blue (hat tip to Bob Dylan and his great tune "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue").


Blogger democraticjack said...

Their loss is your gain as I see it. This silly and petty "delisting" will backfire on them. How many others will want to pay good money and then suddenly get booted? The real tragedy to me is this behavior is becoming all too common under the Democratic umbrella.
I look on this a booster shot for The Denver Group.

September 4, 2008 at 10:19 PM  

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