Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What is an honest delegate to do?

Given the mixed messages being sent to them no wonder many delegates to the Democratic Party's National Convention are confused. I too might well be confused if (the official) DNCC website described one process and yet I were being called upon to participate in conference calls where party officials and others with seeming authority were contradicting official statements about the procedures and processes that delegates have both a right and a responsibility in which to be involved.

Regardless of what the DNC, the DNCC, or anybody on a conference call tells delegates, there are official Democratic Party rules and guidelines that every delegate should insist upon. Then there is the DNCC website. Although its pages contains many fudge word, this website does describe the "usual" or "traditional" proceedings of a Democratic Party presidential nominating convention. See here, here, and here.

At this point, I cannot see any justification for - let alone wisdom in - deviating from the normal or usual or traditional procedures that the Democratic Party has used, in essentially the same form, since the 1930s. The next posts will explore this issue more closely, but for now I hope that delegates, superdelegates, rank and file Democrats, DNC officials, and anybody else who is or ought to be interested, will acquaint themselves with the Democratic Party's publicly stated position as to the how the Convention should be expected to proceed.


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