Monday, August 18, 2008

Sound bite - literally

At the end of last week I spoke with AP radio on behalf of The Denver Group. Like AP's print service, AP radio distributes interviews throughout the MSM, and different outlets can use in whole or part. A friend notified of me the audio file which appeared within an online story here. The snippet can be listened to more easily here.


Blogger FLSilkie said...

Heidi; The AP is really such a hack service. That article run in the Bradenton Herald is disgraceful in it's inuendo.

The media has been responsible for so much that went wrong this past primary, because of their rabid bias against the Clintons. I can't recall ANY intelligent reason given by any of the commenters or bloggers for their hate of the Clintons. In almost every case they will recite, practically verbatim, these pathetic op-eds either printed or spoken on television.

Our next battle needs to be taking on the media. We need to reverse much of the legslation passed by Federal and State government to allow the huge corporate takeover of all the media. Much of it was in the guise of "lowering cable rates". We are really becoming dangerously close to being a fascist state.

I'll bet Hillary would be more than glad to take on Media power if she were in the Oval Office! Obama - not so much, wouldn't you imagine??

August 18, 2008 at 10:47 PM  

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