Tuesday, August 26, 2008

For every person who is supporting Senator Clinton today..and every day

Many of Senator Clinton's supporters have learned lessons about the power of working together toward the common good; and many of us have learned that while our individual efforts may vary in focus, loose coordination - sometimes even unplanned or accidental coordination - packs a lot of power. One organization that I have become familiar with in recent months is the National Women's Hall of Fame.

Today, when Senator Clinton, who was inducted into the NWHF in 2005, will be addressing the Democratic National Convention, we might consider supporting the NWHF, possibly by purchasing the print pictured here, a print commissioned especially to support the NWHF. Information provided by the NWHF below.
Participate in a unique opportunity to help the National Women’s Hall of Fame continue telling the stories of outstanding American women. Limited edition signed and numbered prints of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, The Seed of Consciousness, created by acclaimed artist Katherine Pfeffer Pross, are now available for purchase. Each print is only $200.00, and $150.00 of the purchase price goes directly toward the rehabilitation of the Hall’s future home – the former Seneca Knitting Mill in Seneca Falls, NY.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, The Seed of Consciousness was inspired by a well-known photograph of Elizabeth Cady Stanton taken in 1870, and fuses both paint and words to inspire its viewers. In the print, Stanton is pictured at a table painted to represent the one on which she wrote the Declaration of Sentiments. Jet stone beads, worn at the time as a symbol of mourning, hang around her neck to show the grief she carried for the great losses in women’s struggle for equality, and a red and white striped flag with one gold star hangs behind her as a representation of the 1870 suffrage flag. A compilation of thought-provoking quotes adorns the right side of the print and keeps the viewer engaged with the work for a longer period of time.

The artist, Katherine Pfeffer Pross, and her husband, Jack, own and operate Heirloom Picture Framing in Seneca Falls, NY. Pross attended the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan and took classes at the University of Michigan, where she studied under several great artists. She has owned and operated picture framing shops and galleries for over thirty-five years, and her work hangs in various organizations throughout the country. The limited edition print, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, The Seed of Consciousness, with a remarque of Susan B. Anthony, hangs in the national archives at the White House. Also in the permanent collection at the White House is a Christmas ornament that Katherine recently completed depicting the Women’s Rights National Historical Park. As an artist, Pross strives to use her work as a teaching tool with the hope that it will inspire equality through education.
Contact the National Women’s Hall of Fame via telephone at 315.568.8060 or via email greatwomen@greatwomen.org to purchase your print of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, The Seed of Consciousness today!

To purchase a print with a remarque or to learn more about custom framing options, please contact Katherine Pfeffer Pross via telephone at 315.568.5454 or via email at katherinepfefferpross@yahoo.com. For more about Pross and Heirloom Picture Framing, visit www.heirloompictureframing.com.


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