Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Debate Aversion Syndrome (DAS) strikes again

Remember back in the primaries, one candidate refused to debate another candidate? That unwilling debater said more debates in states that had yet to hold primaries were not necessary, that his schedule could not accommodate any more debates, and gave various other "reasons" for refusing to show up.

Now, in a primary contest that I am following with keen interest, Debate Aversion Syndrome (DAS) has struck again. Latest victim: John Kerry. Senator Kerry seems unable to bring himself to appear in a debate in Massachusetts to face off on the issues against the candidate challenging him in the primary. That challenger is Ed O'Reilly, and yes, for the first time since Senator Kerry won election to the Senate, he is not running unopposed in the primary to pick the Democratic candidate to run for the junior senator spot from Massachusetts in the general election.

Thirteen days ago Ed O'Reilly invited John Kerry to debate in each of Massachusetts' 14 counties. As Ed's campaign explained recently:
Hopefully, with the U.S. Senate on a month long vacation, Senator Kerry will appear with Ed at Town Meeting Style gatherings in each of the 14 Massachusetts Counties.
It is clear that the people of Massachusetts want an opportunity for true and open dialogue with their next U.S. Senator.. An effective representative listens to his/her constituents. Sound bites and photo opportunities are great marketing and packaging tools, but do little to develop relationships. Ed O'Reilly believes the next U.S. Senator from Massachusetts must have, and maintain, a real relationship with his constituents.
Sounds right to me. If Senator Kerry shows up to just one such debate, and if I have the chance to attend, I assure you I will be there. The District of Columbia, where I live, has no Senators. Therefore, I hold every Senator responsible for representing we residents of the nation's capital. If Senator Kerry cannot even make it to Massachussetts to debate Ed O'Reilly, I doubt he has any time or energy to spare for considering the interests of those of us who live in Washington, DC.

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Blogger democraticjack said...

I also believe it is another example of hubris on the part of senior Democratic party leaders. Indeed, one might say John Kerry is being "very French" in the Republican vernacular; as in haughty or even, God bless us, uppity, another legitimate word conflated into racism by current electoral wisdom.
Thanks for shining the light in the darker corners of our once and mighty party.

August 5, 2008 at 10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry's arrogant, condescending conduct (like BO's) is an affront to every American voter. As a now former Democrat of 38 years, I say it's way past time to show all such corrupt, entrenched so-called Party 'leaders' the Congressional 'exit' sign.

August 5, 2008 at 2:47 PM  

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