Friday, August 29, 2008

Action steps for Democrats' Democrats moving forward

The convention has been something of a strange time for us rank and file Democrats. But it is now behind us and for those of us seeking ways to make the Democratic Party everything it should be, for itself and for America, here are steps I suggest (and have already begun undertaking myself). Just my suggestions:

1. As we identify downticket Democrats who can carry forward the mantle of Stephanie Tubbs Jones, let's make sure they receive enough support to win in November.

2. Even better, let's make sure to support those Democrats who we know will work effectively with Senator Clinton to achieve the goals that over 18 million Americans endorsed when they cast their votes for her during the primary season.

3. When Senator Clinton's campaign releases information about which of her campaign funds (2012 reelection committee or the Hillary Clinton for President 2007-08 primary committee) most need our donations, let's donate.
4. Let's recruit and champion Democrats we believe are committed to restoring the party to a more functional, fair, and truly democratic institution to occupy local, state, and national positions within The Democratic Party.

5. Join Hillpac. No need to contribute financially to participate in its current petition drive, and if you agree with its mission statement and objectives and want to donate, learn more here.
  • Text of Hillpac petition:

    Dear Secretary Leavitt,

    The regulations now published by HHS raise serious concerns about women's access to family planning services. I strongly urge you to revise this policy that threatens to affect Medicaid and Title X programs that are important to millions of families, and would undermine the health of women across the country. I also call on the Department to issue final regulations that include an assurance that a woman's access to contraception will not be compromised.

    I stand with Hillary Clinton and women and men across America in speaking out against these proposed regulations. We've had enough of putting ideology over science and failed policies harming healthy families. [To sign, go here.]

In posts to follow, I will be elaborating on steps 1 -4. Step 5 is something anybody can do today.


Blogger Patricia said...

I have given considerable thought to your post and I agree with you in principle. I cannot, however, be supportive of any down ticket Democrat who
failed to fight for a fair and open nominating convention. If they were Hillary Clinton's delegates and caved into bribery or intimidation they will continue to cave into those tactics if elected to Congress.

August 29, 2008 at 5:30 PM  
Blogger Sextus Propertius said...

Some additional thoughts about action items:

Item (1) is critical. There will be a census in 2010, with subsequent redistricting. It is of paramount importance to elect *real* Democrats to state legislatures in this election and the next, since in many states it is the legislature that determines how Congressional district boundaries are drawn.

As for item (4), most state and local parties will hold reorganization meetings after this election. If you're eligible, you need to attend these meetings and use them drag the party back to its principles. This includes voting out party leaders who attempted to coerce delegates, or manipulate caucuses and conventions.

One more item to think about:

6. If you live in a caucus state, organize a campaign to switch to a primary instead. Caucuses are inherently discriminatory against parents, shift workers, the elderly, and the disabled. Since they lack the protection of the secret ballot, they also invite fraud and coercion. Personally, I've always enjoyed attending my precinct caucus, but it's a lousy way to pick a nominee.

August 29, 2008 at 6:37 PM  

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