Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Keeping the Democratic Party democratic: Ed O'Reilly's challenge to John Kerry hits CNN

A friend asked me recently what the connection is between the political causes I am working on right now: The Denver Group; retiring Senator Clinton's primary debt; taking an interest in Ed O'Reilly; and trying to do my bit to help Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Sheila Jackson Lee. To me the answer is clear. All of these efforts relate to trying to save the Democratic Party from its own worst strategies and choices and keep it true to the principles that have kept many voters committed over many years.

Ed O'Reilly's challenge to John Kerry is gaining real media attention. Today, Mr. O'Reilly was featured on CNN. To me the best part of the story is that while, like any challenger, Ed O'Reilly is considered a longshot, polls and analysts in Massachusetts say he cannot be discounted. John Kerry may not like this, but giving people choices and open and fair processes are central to what the Democratic Party has been and should be.

Take a look at the CNN coverage for yourself. And then if you care to, consider a donation to Mr. O'Reilly, especially you are maxed out to Senator Clinton.


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