Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Facts, free facts: answers to some questions about the Clinton campaign's new online fundraising site

As I noted in a previous post, the Clinton campaign sent word out to top fundraisers about where to donate for specific purposes of retiring Senator Clinton's primary debt. The campaign created a new online space for this purpose because many people did not want to deal with wading through the splash page on hillaryclinton.com. Note that in the previous post, the campaign provides specific mailing information for those who became concerned that online donations would not be used for purposes of retiring the debt.

Nothing in the information relayed to me had anything to do with or seemed to indicate that Senator Clinton is doing anything other than making life easier for her supporters; and her campaign was most definitely responding to what I, along, with other fundraisers, have been telling the people who head the campaign: that we can raise money for retiring the debt so long as people know THAT is where the dollars are going.

So, take the new online site at face value and use it to RETIRE THE DEBT.


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