Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ed O'Reilly: unequivocally democratic

Friends have been asking me for more specific information about Ed O'Reilly, who is right up there among my preferred politicians (a short list, topped still by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton).

To see how a true progressive thinks, check out Ed's positions here. No shock then that he has been endorsed by a group called Progressive Democrats of America.

For early local coverage related to Ed's battle to even make it onto the primary ballot, read here and here.

And to get a sense of the local and state level political scene in Massachusetts check out this and this.

If you want to see another genuinely progressive Democrat in the U.S. Senate, somebody to join ranks with other true progressives there, consider even a five dollar donation to Ed O'Reilly. Want to show that you think he'd be a great Senator to work with Hillary Rodham Clinton in her next political office - add .08 to your donation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terrific Heidi (but of course!)

What do you think about adding Ben Graber to your list? He is running to get Wexler's seat in Florida. He is a dem but running with no party affiliation so he doesnt have to fight in the primary and can face Wexler for his seat in November. I have given this guy some bucks, what do you say?? Hey, I was right about Ed, right? and wexler REALLY pissed me off at the rbc meeting, wexler sold his consituents down the river! :)



July 8, 2008 at 11:03 AM  

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