Saturday, June 14, 2008

RETIRE THE DEBT - casting a broader net!

Via ActBlue, I have created a webpage just for the purpose of the retiring Senator Clinton's primary campaign debt. You can get to that page here. Please spread the word.

Important information: my ActBlue page takes people straight to Senator Clinton's website. It includes a "thermometer" that measures progress toward the goal I have set for that page (currently $100,000). Others with ActBlue accounts or pages can link to the RETIRE THE DEBT page on ActBlue.

Of course, donations right here are always welcome!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You go girl! I love what you are doing for our dear Hill. I sent money several days ago but every extra dollar I come up with will be devoted to helping Hill.

Thanks for all you are doing HLF to help the best candidate 18 million of us ELECTED!

June 14, 2008 at 6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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June 15, 2008 at 12:30 PM  
Blogger Kelligesq said...

We need to let HRC know what's going on out here in support of her such as sending her a list of the 80 + blogs and hundreds of thousands still supporting her... and this letter or similar:

Dear Hillary,

You may not know that there are more than 80 + blogs with hundreds of thousands members on the internet who haven't been fooled, who haven't given up and who still support you for President. We don't want to see you or President Clinton campaigning for the most unqualified candidate the DNC has ever sponsored.

We are doing our part contacting Super Delegates to return to you or lose our re-election vote, contributing to pay off your debt, and we're asking you to support us.

At the convention allow a floor fight. If there isn't a convention as rumored, we are begging you to run as an Independent candidate for President. We will support you.

We're sorry to say, since we know you and the President have been loyal to the Dem Party - what you were loyal to no longer exists. This is not the same Democratic Party, and we will no longer be a part of it. The departure of many of the 18 million is permanent.

We will not be voting for the candidate the DNC selected but was not chosen by the people.

Many of us won't vote, many of us will write your name in for President, and many are switching to McCain if you are not the candidate or on the ticket.

Many of us just plain will not vote for any democratic candidate in the downline either, and many are switching to Independent.

We certainly will not be supporting the DNC with our $. after the disrespect the DNC and the Super Delegates have shown you, the democratic voters, and the women and men of the party who gave you the popular vote. We are through with a party which is no longer "the party of the people".

With all sincerity and hope that you will put loyalty to the country before loyalty to an imploding party and agree to be the leadership of this country,whether through floor fight or Independent run

Emails are not read, best sent by Fax or phone calling:

Fax to 202-228-0282
call toll free switchboard and ask for Sen. Clinton's office

June 16, 2008 at 6:03 PM  

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