Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pure speculation, and a couple of requests

When I have facts of interest I share them. When I am delivering opinion, I (try to) make it clear that I'm opining. Tonight I'm sharing speculation, not based on a single bit of information that is not available to the entire world. If you are still interested, read on!

All day people have been asking me about a reported meeting or joint appearance that by Senator Clinton and Senator Obama supposedly scheduled for June 26. People want to know: is it really happening? why would Senator Clinton participate? should she participate? is her participation a quid pro quo for assistance from Senator Obama to retire Senator Clinton's debt?

I have absolutely no private information about whether this event is definite or what its specific purpose will be. My educated guess is that at this sort of event, the purpose will be to raise money either for Senator Obama or for the D.N.C. And then if there are other joint appearances some will be for these purposes and possibly for the purpose of retiring Senator Clinton's debt.

Because Senator Clinton is a person of her word - recall she promised to campaign in every single state, actively and robustly, no matter what, and boy did she ever! - and she said she would work on behalf of the Democratic candidate for the general election if asked to do so, and because she certainly understands perfectly well that the D.N.C. has deemed Senator Obama the Party's presumptive nominee, then if Senator Obama requests her assistance, she will give it. That is what it means to stand by your word. You do things you committed to do even at the risk of making some people unhappy or angry. For a politician it takes real guts to stand by your word and take those risks. Senator Clinton deserves, in my opinion, nothing but respect for choice to follow through on what she said she would do.

Now, neither Senator Clinton nor Senator Obama can make anybody donate to the D.N.C. They can ask, but last time I checked Senator Clinton, like everybody else I know of, sometimes asks for things that she does not get and maybe even asks knowing she won't get them. That does not mean she is insincere in asking. But all she can do is ask. Senator Clinton's campaign has never taken the tone of delivering commands to her supporters; the Clinton campaign style does not include missives from on high. So I doubt that that Senator Clinton is about to start making demands in whatever joint appearances - or whatever solo appearances she makes, for that matter.

Some people think Senator Clinton should be more insistent on her own behalf. Well, how insistent she chooses to be is precisely that: her choice. It is a matter of personal style and political judgment. And it is a matter that I think she must decide for herself, just as all mature adults ultimate have to choose for themselves how to conduct themselves and what personal character they want to try to develop and maintain.

I do not know Senator Clinton well enough personally to know the following, but I can speculate: Senator Clinton understands that we, her mature adult supporters, will make our choices and judgments according to our own best lights. We will listen to her respectfully, because we have been all along, so why would we stop now? And then we will each decide what is right for each of us.

For myself, I do want to see a new and improved D.N.C. I don't think that giving the D.N.C. money any time soon will serve that purpose. For myself, I am not prepared to back Senator Obama in his quest for the presidency (neither am I prepared to back Senator McCain). For myself, I would prefer that Senator Clinton need not rely on any requests from Senator Obama for donations to retire Senator Clinton's debt.

So for me, that means that right now in this phase of this ever-evolving election season, I want two things.
  • I want us, Senator Clinton's supporters, to quickly retire her debt so that there is no need for Senator Obama to make any requests on Senator Clinton's behalf.
  • I want to start improving the national Democratic Party by ensuring that they have a fair and proper convention in Denver.

Of course, I - like everybody else - often want things that I don't get. With regard to these two wants, I can simply do as Senator Clinton does - ask for help with regard to seeing my desires realized.

So my two requests, in order of priority.
  1. Please donate to RETIRE THE DEBT and find some other people to help. Every five dollars that arrives is just fabulous.
  2. Please support The Denver Group, which is heading for official status as I type. Many people are using this site - Heidi Li's Potpourri to pledge to The Denver Group. This lets the world know that as soon as it is legally permissible The Denver Group will have money to achieve its goals. Drop a comment on one of my posts if you would like to be added to the list of pledges.


Anonymous Kavala007 said...

Well written Heidi. As to my support of the Denver Group you have it. In few months I'll be able to give more. In the meantime I'll dig deeper and ask a few friends to give as well. I'll try to talk with some at an upcoming meeting at MIT on nanotechnology.

June 18, 2008 at 10:55 PM  
Blogger democraticjack said...

Thanks for filling in the blanks for me, Heidi. The words wouldn't come to me as to why I understood Hillary's presumptive support of Obama, and, bang, you nailed it.

So, because you keep enlightening me, Forrestjack, I will pledge $100 to the Denver Group.

June 18, 2008 at 11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I pledge $20 to the Denver Group

June 19, 2008 at 1:07 AM  
Anonymous Liberty belle said...

Heidi, I will give what I can to retire Senator Clinton's campaign debt, but will not give one red cent to the DNC.

I appreciate your insight about the situation.

Q. What do you think about presumptive Democratic Nominee Barack Obama's reversal, or "flip flop" saying he will not accept Federal matching funds for his presidential campaign after the convention? What I heard on the PBS New Hour: McCain is at a decided disadvantage. On the other hand, the Republican National Committee has a lot more than the Democratic National Committee.

Thought: Do you suppose the Republicans, worried about Obama's money advantage, will change their minds and start releasing things they've been holding back on about Obama's background (until after the convention), because they may now prefer to run against Hillary (who they think can't raise as much money)? Make sense? Perhaps it's just a hope, but we haven't gotten to Denver yet.

June 19, 2008 at 7:16 PM  
Anonymous GaGirl said...

I would be pleased to pledge to The Denver Group. Thank you for you do for Senator Clinton.
GaGirl $100

June 19, 2008 at 8:49 PM  

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