Thursday, June 12, 2008

More free facts! Donations to they go

Although I have tried to clear about this before, I know the situation is confusing so I'm going to take another stab at explaining
  1. Who can contribute at Senator Clinton's site and know that the money will be used to retire the debt.
  2. Why such donors can be so sure.
1. Anybody who has not maxed out to Senator Clinton's primary campaign (anybody who has not yet given $2300) may contribute via her website, and be confident that their donations will go to retire her debt, and nowhere else.

2. Senator Clinton's website is like a sign put up for one purpose only when it comes to fundraising. By law the money contributed at that website must be used for Senator Clinton's primary campaign and only for Senator Clinton's primary campaign.
  • Because Senator Clinton's primary campaign is in debt, the only thing money collected for the primary campaign can legally be used for is to retire that debt.
  • No matter what any other part of the website says or does not say, this is the law.

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