Tuesday, June 10, 2008

If you are sick of the DNC and the media and Senator Obama's campaign and Nancy Pelosi, there is one key thing to do


The media is busy trying to make it seem like Senator Clinton has "few options" and the hook for their stories is the debt her primary campaign incurred. The fun new talking point seems to be how very hard it will be for Senator Clinton to retire the debt, even with the "help" that may or may not be forthcoming from Senator Obama.

All together now, can we say: stuff and nonsense! We will RETIRE THE DEBT but fast.

In less than 72 hours I have myself raised, via "small" dollar donations, at least $2000 to RETIRE THE DEBT.

Key points:
  • If you have not maxed out to the primary, donate now. Each person may donate up to $2300 total. The money goes to retire the debt. If you yourself have maxed out to the primary, find one person who has not and ask them to donate now.
  • I have received confirmation from the campaign's national headquarters that all donations will be going to retire the debt. This is actually simply what the law requires of Senator Clinton, just as you and I are required to pay creditors. So donate without worry that your money will do anything but RETIRE THE DEBT.
If you believe, as I believe, that Senator Clinton will, come what may this election, be the most important voice in progressive politics for the rest of your life, then now is the time to make it easy for her to speak out, unencumbered by this ridiculous story line that says she cannot rid herself of her primary debt. Well not singlehandedly. But if every person who voted for Senator Clinton donates ten dollars right now or finds somebody else who can, that debt is gone.

Money talks. Sometimes for good, sometimes for evil. Our donations to RETIRE THE DEBT speak for trust, speak for confidence in Senator Clinton, and speak for justice.

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