Friday, June 27, 2008

The fundraiser summit: Part 1

Tonight's event, sponsored by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, has left me with a complicated mix of feelings. But my feelings should, I think, take a backseat to the best job I can do with regard to relating what went on, in a relatively descriptive fashion. After I sleep on it, I will offer what I know to be commentary.

The event in question: a meeting of Senator Clinton's top fundraisers. The purpose: to introduce us to Senator Obama to this group.

What happened:
Before any of the formal events began, there was a chance for many people to greet those who we have seen at other events over the past 18 months, to connect, and to discover that the ties we forged are still as strong as ever.
The best person I met tonight who I have not met before: Dorothy McAuliffe, Terry McAuliffe's wife. So smart, so intelligent, so gracious. We laughed about how Terry portrays her in his book, What A Party, and I had the opportunity to thank her for her direct support of Senator Clinton as well as her indirect support, because Dorothy McAuliffe made it possible for Terry to race all over the country leading the charge on Senator Clinton's behalf.
The program:
  • Terry McAuliffe introduced Senator Clinton, to one of the finest receptions I have ever observed anybody receive. Everybody was on their feet, applauding and applauding Senator Clinton, who looked relaxed and calm.
  • Senator Clinton spoke. Senator Clinton emphasized the point that she and the 18 million who voted for her have unfinished business. She reiterated her view that it is crucial that a Democrat be elected to the presidency this year. Then she discussed how hard she would work for down ticket Democrats. She took time to single out Sheila Lee Jackson and Stephanie Tubbs Jones, among other Congresspeople present; Senator Clinton said that Ms. Jackson and Ms. Jones are sisters to her. Then Senator Clinton talked about how hard she would work to swell the ranks of Democrat senators and representatives. Eventually, she introduced Senator Obama to us, those she kept referring to as her friends.
  • Senator Obama made remarks. I will discuss and describe these in my next posts. Senator Obama took a few questions - these exchanges I will also discuss in later posts.
  • After the q-and-a with Senator Obama, the gathering broke up. I left more or less in the same situation as when I arrived: entirely confident about Senator Clinton's political future; not overly impressed by Senator Obama; extremely proud of the gracious welcome and support Senator Clinton and Terry McAuliffe displayed toward Senator Obama.
To be continued...


Anonymous JiffyJML said...

Can't wait to read your take on the event, HLF. There are differing reports elsewhere regarding how well Senator Obama was received by the crowd. I guess I know you can't speak for all the attendees, but I'm curious to hear if Obama appealed to YOU at all, and if has convinced you that he'll earn your vote (and/or your money.) Disclaimer: He hasn't earned mine.

Glad to hear Reps Jackson Lee and Tubbs Jones were warmly acknowledged by Senator Clinton. I'm an Ohioan, and although I'm not in her district, earlier this month I sent a hand-written thank you note to Rep Tubbs Jones for all her vocal support of Senator Clinton. I was so proud of her every time she went to bat for Clinton on behalf of Ohioans! :)

June 27, 2008 at 1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd gone to bed already, but thought of you as the best source on the meeting - better than the MSM. Thank you for staying up to share with us, and giving your heartfelt impressions.

Like you, I cannot seeing voting for Obama at all.

Hillary is such a great soul. She and her team understand the meaning of giving acknowledgement, showing appreciation, or the "attitude of gratitude". I liked the idea of the other commentor, and will try to send Reps. Jackson Lee and Tubbs Jones a personal note, too, following their example (and Hillary's).

Praying for miracles, right up through the convention in August. May we all be lifted, and rise with Hillary and her family.

Thank you again.

June 27, 2008 at 8:31 PM  

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