Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wishing Senator Kennedy a speedy, full recovery

Although not much news is available yet, Senator Kennedy has been hospitalized today. Although I have disagreed with Senator Kennedy's decisions about the Democratic nomination this election cycle, I have over the years admired his deep commitment to the Party and to progressive policies for the United States.

My political efforts today are my own small tribute to Senator Kennedy's many efforts over many years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you HLF for expressing exactly the way I feel about Senator Kennedy.

I am 67 and lived through the tougher Kennedy times, and I am so disappointed in his recent decisions.

I work in a Hospital and because of my environment I have learned a great deal, and I have a 84 year old mother with severe dementia. Now I am unsure of how influenced he was by a medical condition that is now becoming reveled to him and all.

Karen KB

May 17, 2008 at 4:07 PM  

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