Thursday, May 29, 2008

Senator Clinton's best callers are on the case!

For those who think Senator Clinton is not fighting to win this nomination, think again. I have a friend belongs to team of GOTV callers for Senator Clinton, a team that has been highly effective over and over again. She just cc'd me on the message excerpted below. If you too are a a caller for Senator Clinton, here's some inspiration. If you have not called before, no time like the present to begin!

Message excerpts:

Hi all,
We've done such a fantastic job that we've been given the list of top targets for tonight -- a group of undecided voters usually reserved for the pros! [note from HLF: "pros" = campaign staffers]
Last night, for some reason, I reached a large number of undecided voters. It was so rewarding to talk to them about my reasons for supporting Hillary, getting a sense of issues important to them, and discussing those issues, too.
This is one of our final chances to make a difference for Hillary by reaching voters directly. Let's take this opportunity tonight to reach as many undecided voters as possible!
To victory!


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