Sunday, May 11, 2008

Senator Clinton Rocks Oregon

Although as of now Senator Obama is favored there, Terry McAuliffe is not prepared to give up on Oregon. Senator Clinton never gives up on any state. Watch her speak in southern Oregon (video from May 9). President Bill Clinton has been a frequent visitor to Oregon. Some recent photos of the President campaigning for Senator Clinton in Medford (see photo gallery on right side of linked site). Oregon's governor, Ted Kulongski certainly is not giving up on Oregon for Senator Clinton: another brave governor working for the citizens of his state to see the Democrats run the best candidate in November.

Senator Clinton takes the time to speak with a local news reporter in Oregon. (Meanwhile her opponent can't be bothered to even visit Kentucky and West Virginia. I am SO confused...but I digress.) The transcript:

Thursday night I had a unique opportunity to meet one on one with a former first lady and presidential candidate.

There were rumors all night from the Clinton campaign that I might have this opportunity, but as the night wore on and Senator Clinton ran further behind schedule I started to doubt it would happen.

Then all of the sudden one of her press organizers grabbed me and my photographer, Greg, and rushed us to another building at the Expo.

There was a member of secret security inside. Other agents came through as we waited along with a bomb sniffing police dog.

Eventually Senator Clinton arrived, I introduced myself and Greg, gave her a microphone, and started talking.

Chris: For the first time in who knows how long, Oregonians really feel like their vote counts and that they can make a difference this primary. Tell me why you deserve their vote.

Sen. Clinton:Well, it is the first time in forty years that a primary has been so important. And I'm having a great time campaigning in Oregon. And I would make the case that I have a specific plan for Oregon. It's called the Oregon Compact. Because I think it's important that people in this state know I'm not just coming here with my generic campaign, making my generic speeches and, you know, moving on. I've really been looking into a lot of the issues that are for important here in Oregon. And in this part of the state, for example, the county payment issues. I've joined with Senator Wyden to try to fix that to get them back to a multi-year county payment system. So I have been very specific in offering solutions as I've travelled across the country in my campaign. And I think Oregonians are pretty down to earth, practical people. They want to know what you're going to do. And my campaign is not about speeches. It's about solutions. It's about specific solutions for Oregon.

Chris: Tell me a little bit, just in general, about the Oregon Compact. The language throughout it talks about a partnership.

Sen. Clinton: That's right.

Chris: Tell me about that partnership.

Sen. Clinton: Well, I want to be a President who's a good partner for Oregon and I think if you look at what President Bush has done, it's his way or no way, right? And take the county payment issue. Just pull the rug out from under people, just end it, despite having led people to believe that wouldn't happen. I think that's wrong. When you're a partner you're going to sit down and try to work out those problems, work out whatever we need to do to get sustaining jobs thinning the forests. President Bush says, no let's cut the old growth trees. That's not a solution. Let's have a sensible solution where we can put people back to work. When it comes to a lot of these other challenges like the right to die bill that Oregon has passed twice it needs to be respected and that means you need a good partner in the White House.

Chris: You've said over and over you're in the race; you're staying until the end; you'll be there until the Democratic Party picks a nominee. I got an email from the campaign that says "After our come-from-behind victory in Indiana, there are just 13 days of voting left in Oregon, 13 days to shock the country." How are you going to shock the country? How are you going to pull this off?

Sen. Clinton:Well, I know that, you know, there are two primaries on May 20th. One in Kentucky where I'm pretty far ahead at this moment. Oregon where I know that my opponent has a big strong base here. But I want Oregonians to know what I stand for and I believe if every voter in Oregon looked at my record, looked at my plans, understood the Oregon Compact, I would do very well here. If my opponent would agree to meet me somewhere in Oregon so we could actually debate what's important to Oregonians, I think people would get a chance to compare us one on one. I understand he changed his schedule to be in Portland tomorrow, I'm gonna be there at the same time. Well, why don't we just have a debate. Let's cancel our schedules and get together because this is a state that I think really respects people who are willing to come forward and tell you where I stand. That's what I've been doing. That's what the Oregon Compact is about. That's why I think we should have a debate particularly about rural issues that are going to affect people throughout the state.

Chris: What will your message be tonight for Oregon voters and particularly for Southern Oregon voters?

Sen. Clinton: Well, number one that the Oregon Compact directly responds to the needs of people in Southern Oregon. Number two, on critical issues like whether or not the state has any authority to site liquefied natural gas terminals. I voted against giving the authority to the federal government. My opponent voted for a bill that gave it to the federal government. I'm now trying with Senator Wyden to prevent that.

Chris: Anything else you'd like to add?

Sen. Clinton: Well, I'm just happy to be here and I hope people will really pay attention to this campaign, follow it closely. There is so much at stake. It is really a transformation election and I think if people do really look at both of us they will find that I'm on their side and they can count on me.

Chris: Thank you very much.

Sen. Clinton: Nice to see you.

And with that, I was rushed off, through security and back into the Olsrud Arena. Senator Clinton jumped back in her motorcade and I arrived at the rally moments later.

I think it goes to show how important Oregon's vote is this year, that she would spend time talking to local media like that, even though she was running late.


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She is brilliant....

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