Friday, May 16, 2008

Portland, Oregon - update number 2!

After last night's late night adventures, I finally hit the actual hotel I booked, and stopped for something to eat: the staples - coffee, coffeecake, and water! Clearly, I am somewhat jetlagged - or else simply cannot fathom how anybody could be for anybody other than Senator Clinton (smile) - because as I walked into the coffee shop, I saw a woman with campaign stickers and a button. Since I'm not entirely geographically oriented yet, I bopped over to ask her where the downtown Portland Clinton headquarters are. Well, as I start my question, I actually READ her button and stickers. Not only do they indicate her support for Senator Obama, but she turns out to be a PRECINCT CAPTAIN for his campaign. Making a swift pivot, I smile wide and say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't carefully read your buttons, and I was about to ask you how to get to Clinton headquarters - by this time, she was laughing herself - and I continued - "I think I'll just check on-line, but all respect to our honorable opponent."

I think Portland knows I'm here! And so, possibly, does Senator Obama!


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