Monday, May 12, 2008

Of candidates, loyalty, and the connection between Democrats running for office

Today, I am trying to help a friend in West Virginia who is trying to help his wife meet Senator Clinton. My friend and his family have been phone calling like mad on behalf of Senator Clinton and a candidate running for state office in West Virginia: Joan Browning.

My friend and his wife were going to go early this morning to meet Senator Clinton, but when they received the following message from Ms. Browning, we decided to aim for another occasion. Here is Ms. Browning's message to my friend and his reply to her. Their exchange says it all with regard to what makes this country great, in so many ways and on so many levels

Ms. Browning to my friend:

Turns out the person I thought was calling voters in the Alvon precinct didn't make the calls-- it is the only precinct that has not been called, and it supported me last time. Also, my plan to distribute my brochure and etc. up there did not work out, so I must stay home and call voters in Alvon today. As you said, if I lose the election by one vote and have one dollar left, then I didn't try hard enough. I owe it to the people who believe in me and who sacrificed their money, their time, and their personal reputations to help me get elected. In good conscience, I must make this last effort. What if the election is as close as last time, and I could have encourage a dozen more votes in Alvon? I gotta try.
Get lots of good pictures. Tell me all about it. And if you have a chance, what I'd say to Hillary today if I had the opportunity is two things: one, that I have been impressed with her ever since I was in the Governor's mansion in Little Rock when she knew all about rural health issues--Chelsea was not yet a year old--, and second, if I make it through the primary and she is the D nominee, her coat tails will help me get to the legislature. (emphasis added)

My friend to Joan:

Joan. Change of plans. BJ and I will help you with the Alvon precinct and William and I will start our Hillary calling today with a joint Joan/Hillary script there. Plus, tell me how the other precincts, such as Maxwelton are going because we will join up anywhere you need help. I am so sorry I did not ask about your final push. We CAN do both.


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