Sunday, May 11, 2008

Notes from West Virginia: a day in the life of an out-of-state volunteer

Thanks to Taylor Marsh, you can see them here.

The campaign particularly needs observers at the polls on Tuesday. Please consider beginning your week here.

Now some time out to reflect on mothers. My own mother, Patti, is no longer alive but I will be celebrating her memory and her spirit today. She was that rare person, able to be a true parent and a true friend at the same time. She also participated in various campaign efforts - and other civic activities - while working hard at a career teaching learning disabled and emotionally disturbed middle-schoolers, working with them in a "resource room", a space designed to "mainstream" relatively mildly troubled children into "regular" school life.

A toast to Patti: who really never left a child behind, who taught me that nobody should be invisible, and who would have been wholehearted in her belief in and support for Senator Clinton for POTUS '08.


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