Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A must read

From one of my favorite fellow bloggers...read.

And here are some smart words from Clinton supporter who contacted Marc Rubin (message reprinted here with permission):

Dear Marc,
A group of us who have worked on Hillary's campaign's from NH to IN
met tonight in Newton MA. We are a diverse group that includes
ordinary folk as well as elected reps and Dem activists in the MA
party. Everyone is beside themselves at the Party establishment (e.g.
Howard Dean, with whom several of the attendees had met with to
express their displeasure), the blatant mainstream media bias and the
total lack of support or interest in our concerns from our elected
party pols Kerry, Kennedy and Patrick. Anger is running very, very deep.

Among the many concerns that the group has, it is most concerned
about the fact that Florida and Michigan held valid elections that
both the Dem. Party and the media somehow hold as events that either
didn't happen or are asterisked events: either way votes not to be
counted. Delegates are a party matter, but votes we believe should be
sacrosanct and held valid - after all those votes have been certified
by the secretaries of their respective states in a true election,
sanctioned by their states. Tragically, it appears, many do not seem
to believe in this fundamental right of our democracy, including the
fourth estate.

Best regards

John Doggett


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