Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May 20 Oregon election tally, 11:20 p.m pacific

Not all precincts have reported, and provisional ballots - those that need to be checked for validity - will not be counted until Thursday - so the final margin between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton remains to be seen. Right now, this is where matters stand.

There was plenty of action on the ground today here in Oregon, with voters streaming to the polls all day. As an official poll observer designated by the Clinton campaign, I saw this with my own eyes. Not appropriate for me to report now on what was happening inside the Washington County elections office, but this photograph shows an orange-vested election worker standing in the middle of the road, accepting ballots from cars during the beginning of the evening rush hour. This is entirely legal (and in my opinion correctly so) under Oregon law. In Oregon, one may drop-off one's ballot (in a doubly-secured envelope) in a number of ways, but one of the most appropriate is to give it directly to an election official who then places it right in an official collection box (in the picture, the small blue box at this worker's feet).

I have not one regret about coming to Oregon for Senator Clinton. It was an honor to make people aware of her support when I was doing visibility and it was both an honor and responsibility to serve on the voter protection team. We shall see how the tally ends up - but not for at least a couple more days!


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