Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1 - Morning media roundup

[links corrected and updated]
Quote of the morning, via Bloomberg:
"We've got to start building the political will to go after the oil companies," Clinton said. "At the turn of the last century, Teddy Roosevelt took on the oil companies. We need a president to take on the oil companies again."

Senator Clinton picks up another superdelegate from Pennsylvania. And another superdelegate from Puerto Rico.

Democrats in Gibson County, Indiana go for her. Coverage from Portage, Indiana. Voters in Princeton, Indiana enjoy Senator Clinton's ability to provide specifics about what to do to make the country better.

Here, you can read about and hear President Clinton campaigning in North Carolina. Coverage of another stop in North Carolina by President Bill Clinton. If you have not seen it, a Clinton campaign ad running in North Carolina, highlighting Dr. Maya Angelou's reasons for supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton.

One analyst points out the whatever Senator Obama's woes, Senator Clinton's affirmative policies and successful campaigning have her boosted her popularity in North Carolina.


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