Monday, May 19, 2008

Hillary Clinton is "the voter darling!"

Another smart letter that appeared in today's Washington Post. Reprinted below.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's 41-point blowout win in West Virginia shows that she's the stronger candidate in terms of electability in the general election. No Democrat has won the White House without winning West Virginia since 1916. Her win in West Virginia also shows her diverse coalition of supporters: working-class voters, middle-class voters, rural voters, women and seniors. Barack Obama may be the media darling, but Hillary Clinton is the voter darling.


Silver Spring

The writer does occasional volunteer work for Hillary Clinton.


I received this message from a supporter of Senator Clinton. While I agree with some of it but not with all of it, it definitely warrants the attention of people at the D.N.C. and, really, I think anybody's attention. So I am sharing a large excerpt from this message with anybody who sees this post:
Happy trails to you! ... The media, in the past week, adopted the ignore her strategy, and I am getting seriously worried. I hope that Senator Clinton understands that if she is not our nominee, MANY of us are defecting. We will not tow the party line regardless of her requesting us to do so. The DNC, by disenfranchising Florida and Michigan, proved themselves to be no better than Republicans. Moreover, the DNC allowed the very state that ruined the 2000 election to have their votes eliminated. ... If Democrats want to remain in power, the Donna Brazile branch of the Party will not succeed, people [are] angry and people are defecting, either to Independents, or to Republicans. Regardless of one's registration, we all have the freedom and conscience to vote for the person that we WANT to represent us. Party loyalties aside, the American voter has a heart and a deep belief in democracy, which is why they vote. Asking us to vote for a subversion of our process will not fly in the face of choosing between a "brand" and a war hero. Please convey those thought to Senator Clinton.


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HLF- you are the best!

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