Saturday, May 3, 2008

Evan Bayh: a true blue friend to Senator Clinton

Senator Evan Bayh has worked with Senator Clinton in the Senate to achieve great results. He is loyal to her candidacy and this is not blind loyalty: he has seen Senator Clinton in action and values her talents.

He is and has been working his heart out for Senator Clinton. Yet, he is being harassed by mudslingers with less respect for loyalty (and apparently less respect for an effective Senator). I have no doubt about Senator Bayh's continuing loyalty. In my own small show of respect for the man, I am making my today's efforts in his honor!

If you share my respect for Senator Bayh, take a minute and let him know. You can reach him via these channels:

DC Address:The Honorable Evan Bayh
United States Senate
131 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-1404
DC Phone:202-224-5623
DC Fax:202-228-1377
Electronic Correspondence:
WWW Homepage:
District Offices:

Market Tower, Suite 1650
10 West Market Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Voice: 317-554-0750
FAX: 317-554-0760

1300 South Harrison Street, Suite 3161
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Voice: 260-426-3151
FAX: 260-420-0060

5400 Federal Plaza, Suite 3200

Hammond, IN 46320
Voice: 219-852-2763
FAX: 219-852-2787

1201 East 10th Street, Suite 106
Jeffersonville, IN 47130
Voice: 812-218-2317
FAX: 812-218-2370

101 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
Evansville, IN 47708
Voice: 812-465-6500
FAX: 812-465-6503

Leighton Plaza, Suite 110
130 South Main
South Bend, IN 46601
Voice: 574-236-8302
FAX: 574-236-8319


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