Thursday, May 1, 2008

Disloyalty and Disenfranchisement: Not a pretty package

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So, superdelegate and former D.N.C. chair Joe Andrew - appointed to that post by President Clinton - is switching his year-long support from Senator Clinton to Senator Obama. Well, that is just charming. His reason: the process must be stopped now. After all, why bother letting any more voices be heard? If the D.N.C. had wanted a quicker process this year, it could have permitted more states to hold their votes early. The D.N.C. did not, and I don't think Democrats in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, and Puerto Rico would appreciate the idea that because their primaries come after Indiana's their votes should not matter. Furthermore, if the former D.N.C. chairman would like matters clarified, why is he not calling for the immediate seating of Michigan and Ohio, on the terms on which the voters there voted, and the immediate credentialing of the superdelegates from that state? Or, he could show some integrity and maintain his loyalty, and call for the voters of Indiana to unify around Senator Clinton. But apparently, Mr. Andrew does not care about being loyal. Wait 'til we hear from James Carville on this one.


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