Friday, May 30, 2008

Count the Votes Cast catches on

I have urged people to sign the open later at
I have also donated some of my own money to the group's cause, and time to offering whatever bits of advice I could, although I am not affiliated with the group. Today, the treasurer took the time to let me know that Count the Votes Cast is succeeding in raising the profile of the case for seating Michigan and Florida fully and fairly. Below is the heart of his message:

We have the TV ad scheduled to run on CNN in DC,
Arlington and Alexandria tomorrow from 3pm - 12 am 8 spots
altogether and also it will be broadcast on ABC-WJLA Channel 7 on the
early am news 6-7am (2 spots) and then on Good Morning America (1
spot). Also we have the Open letter being published in the Express a
publication of the Washington Post. NPR in Boston has already picked
us up and is interviewing a couple of us tomorrow for Here and Now
- Robin Young - and want to interview me attending the rules meeting
on Saturday. Our web site has all this info and we now have almost
[1000] signers of the letter so far. (link inserted by HLF)
Amazing effort can achieve amazing outcomes!


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