Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another question from a different friend: Why would Senator Clinton concede the nomination before Denver?

Senator Clinton might decide she would rather be the dominant force in American politics for the next 20 years by stepping into the shoes of greats like Senator Ted Kennedy, and she might decide that the best way to do that is to support a Democrat in the executive branch so that the legislative and executive branches can work effectively together.

Senator Clinton might decide she's sick of the nonsense and could spend her time more productively than taking her candidacy to Denver.

I have no way of knowing Senator Clinton's intentions. I doubt she has made any sort of decision right now. You see, of course, she's a little busy what with running for office and racking up millions of votes despite the reality of the efforts of those trying to make her quit.

I do know this however. The best way to empower Senator Clinton right now is to participate in GOTV efforts in Montana and South Dakota and if you can to donate directly to her campaign. If you want to join a collective effort specifically aimed at encouraging and motivating Senator Clinton to stay in until Denver, please consider donating via this link.

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