Friday, April 18, 2008

Why Senator Clinton will beat Senator McCain: Because She Is Already Defying the Odds

Regardless of the state of the economy, regardless of the disarray of U.S. foreign relations, do not doubt for one moment that it will be tough for a Democrat to beat John McCain this November. Senator McCain will be well-funded and he will get "unofficial" media support by the same Republican machine that swift-boated John Kerry. Senator McCain's biography, particularly his military service, will play well with many voters. Then, there's the continuing misperception of McCain as a "different" or more tolerant Republican because of his success in perpetuating the idea that he's a "maverick". (Most people asked do not even realize that Senator McCain is anti-choice on abortion.)

Here's one way to gauge who has the chops to beat McCain. Consider who has had the chops to remain competitive in the primaries, despite being comparatively disadvantaged. That would be Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

(Follow-up one post up!)

Whatever has been thrown at her, she has not been thrown. There is the proven press bias and straight-out hate speech from some quarters. There's the enormous financial mechanism that allows Senator Obama to buy far more TV and radio airtime. There are the bizarre efforts of the hapless D.N.C. to force Senator Clinton out of the race.

How has Senator Clinton responded? By showing that she simply refuses to lose. She's won big states and small states, conservative and progressive states, states the D.N.C takes for granted and states the D.N.C. has favored. Negative ads do not affect her standing. She won in Ohio and in Texas despite being outspent 3 to 1 by Senator Obama.

A simple refusal to lose: Hillary Rodham Clinton will beat John McCain, whatever the odds.

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