Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today, a phone call with Senator Clinton...and 500 other people, but still...

As a pretty active volunteer for Senator Clinton's campaign, I had the opportunity to participate in a conference call today, with updates from Terry McAuliffe (who participated from the Greensboro, N.C. Clinton field office) and q-and-a with Senator Clinton herself.

Here are some notes from the call:

Terry McAuliffe sounded absolutely electric. He had arrived in North Carolina at 1 a.m., coming from Oregon, where the campaign has just opened five field offices. As of 5 p.m., Mr. McAuliffe had already been in nine cities in N.C. McAuliffe's motto: You sleep when you're dead.

A heartfelt plea to keep helping with fundraising:
Senator Obama continues to outspend Senator Clinton by 5 to 1 and 4 to 1. Senator Clinton won Ohio and Michigan when that margin was cut to 3 to 1 in those states. So we have to equalize. No excuses. As McAuliffe said: There are 330 million in America, don't say you can't find anybody else to donate.

Senator Clinton, who joined the call later, remarked, "I want as many people as possible to participate." She emphasized that five, ten, and fifteen dollar contributions are seriously meaningful. She also repeatedly thanked the people on the call, not overdoing it while making it clear that she understood what they had already done on her behalf and appreciated the effort.
  • Early voting began today in N.C., which will be playing a significant role in selecting the Democratic presidential nominee for the first time since 1976. As of today, 1500 hundred women have committed to work for the campaign in N.C., along with 500 community organizers.
  • Pennsylvania: "Governor Rendell is running the campaign in Pennsylvania - down to determining where the cars get parked!" McAuliffe told us. He also complimented the skill and dedication of Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia.
  • Indiana: Evan Bayh "working day in and day out."
Senator Clinton, who spoke while en route from Haverford, P.A. to Philadelphia, told us she had been extremely well received everywhere she went in Pennsylvania today. Although clearly pressed for time, Senator Clinton took several questions. One came from a Floridian who says it is almost embarrassing to be a Democrat from Florida. This caller was very emotional: she's been doing everything she can to ensure that the DNC does not ignore Florida's votes. Senator Clinton responded: first, she's indignant on the caller's behalf; second, it is Senator Obama's campaign that is standing in the way of Florida and Michigan's votes being counted; third, she recommended that the caller just keep bombarding the DNC. The DNC cannot ignore Florida. Later in the call Terry McAuliffe remarked, "Credentials and hotel rooms after the fact mean nothing, and are even somewhat insulting." [sidenote from me: to help, sign this petition, an easy way to help grassroots efforts to ensure fair and prudent treatment for Michigan and Florida.]

Not only money is needed. Volunteers are crucial. Head to Pennsylvania
(Terry: for cheesesteaks), then to North Carolina (for barbecue)!

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