Saturday, April 12, 2008

Penn State: In the Tradition of Great State Universities

Penn State has adopted an "open-door" policy for this season's Presidential candidates, in an effort to maximize the over 80,000 students exposure to candidates. I myself hold two degrees from another state university, the University of Michigan. My husband graduated from the University of Maryland, armed with a first-rate undergraduate education in three fields. What these institutions have in common is academic excellence, maintained in the face of ever more elusive state-funding. They offer that excellence to hundreds of thousands of students who, while still paying high tuition, might not otherwise be able to take advantage of the academic and co-curricular opportunities great universities offer.

I applaud the open-door policy at Penn State because it combines the civic and educational missions at the heart of the identity of great state universities. Now, take a look at an archive of photos from the visits of those candidates and/or high level surrogates who have actually taken the time to show up.

(If you are interested in seeing what Senator Clinton has most recently said about Pennsylvanians, watch this.)


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