Wednesday, April 9, 2008

One voter's voice - from Oregon

Guess what I did on a chilly, drizzly Saturday? I got up at 5 AM, drove 30 miles, and stood outdoors in line for 2 hours for the Hillary Clinton rally in Hillsboro…Fortunately, the rain was light and the people around me quite congenial, so the time passed quickly. …By the time Hillary arrived, the placed was packed and I was caught up in the hysteria. The first sight of her face coming through the door and I was screaming and waving with the best of them. She did not disappoint….The presentation was given without notes and was warm, personal, humorous, and very direct. She focused on what she wanted to do for Oregon and for the rest of the country, and then opened it up for questions from the audience. She'd obviously done her homework and addressed specific problems in Oregon, mentioned people, places, events and concerns by name, and was, in a word, FABULOUS! I was mesmerized by her caring manner and the warmth with which she dealt with each person...I had been leaning towards Obama in the past few weeks, but I now have a new hero. It's an amazing feeling.

-Janis C . from Wilsonville


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