Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Notes from today's phone call with Senator Clinton: Landmarks Reached, Landmarks that Must Be Reached

Over 3100 people, including me, just participated in a conference call with Senator Clinton. Also on were Terry McAuliffe campaign director and Jonathan Mantz, chief finance director. This was the largest conference call the campaign has held to date, and Senator Clinton spoke for most of the time, sounding happy, focused, determined and realistic. She really took charge of the entire call, emphasizing the human dimension of the campaign, telling us details about the rally she had just completed in Indianopolis. She urged everybody to get out to an event or to go to a state and campaign. As Senator Clinton explained (and I have learned from traveling to Texas and Pennsylvania) you get suddenly immersed in a state you may never have visited, and like Senator Clinton, you meet incredible individuals there who support her campaign. Their stories keep Senator Clinton going, especially because what "we can't match with media, we match with shoe leather," Senator Clinton said. Between Senator Clinton, President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, they have already visited Indiana 50 times!

Selected highlights from the call

  • Since last night, the campaign has raised 10 million dollars online, with 60,000 new donors.
  • Funds are needed for the upcoming May primaries (Guam, Indiana, North Carolina). It is crucial to donate as soon as possible - right now, in April - to bring down the disparity in funds.
  • Because many Indianans get their news from Chicago media outlets , the Clinton campaign needs to be able to advertise via the Chicago outlets.
  • Senator Clinton has won all the states that traditionally go Democratic in the general election; and she has won all the make-or-break swing states. If you add up the electoral votes from the states Senator Clinton has won in the primary, the total is 285 (270 are needed to win in the general election) versus Senator Obama' approximately 189.
  • Senator Clinton said to us: If you have not maxed out ($2300 per person), now is the time to match whatever donation you made before. If you can max out, now is the moment. If you can bring one new donor on board, it makes a difference.
  • The race is close. Neither Senator Obama nor Senator Clinton will be able to close out the contest before the convention. With 9 contest to go, fewer than 200 elected delegates separate the candidates and there are over 600 delegates still up for grabs. So far, 120,000 more people have cast ballots for Senator Clinton than for Senator Obama (this number includes voters in Florida and Michigan).


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