Monday, April 21, 2008

News roundup: polls and analysis in Pennsylvania...but rememember, it is the actual vote that matters

Sampling biases riddle many polls. But for what they are worth, here are three trying to indicate the weekend trend in Pennsylvania. More polling news. Some discussion of Pennsylvania's demographics and how they relate to possible voting patterns, from the Christian Science Monitor online. Somewhat related to the demographics issue, a good read from the BBC.

From Allentown, P.A., the Morning Call's opinion writers make the most important point: it does not matter what polls say or who has endorsed which candidate. The vote's the thing.* Pennsylvanians, who registered in record numbers, now must turn out and give us results.

I, for one, agree with Senator Clinton. She "will win" in the general election once she becomes the party's nominee in Denver.

Some other coverage: from Pittsburgh.


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