Thursday, April 3, 2008

More from Maxed Out Women's Event: Thoughts on North Carolina

At the Maxed Out Women's event I attended a couple of days ago, Minyon Moore and Ann Lewis, two top advisers to Senator Clinton, spoke about the importance of North Carolina among the upcoming primaries. I have been thinking about their remarks and North Carolina ever since.

In focusing on N.C., Moore and Lewis noted that just as no state should be taken for granted - by either candidate - none should be underestimated as an opportunity to pick up a win or a large chunk of the popular vote. Moore and Lewis each emphasized the varied demographics of the state. When one participant at the meeting emphasized the many college and university campuses - and hence student voters - in the state, Lewis pointed out how popular the state has become for retirees. Moore talked about the influx of sophisticated voters to the state, people of all races who work in the tech corridors around the campuses and cities of North Carolina. Both women stressed the importance of going to volunteer for Senator Clinton in North Carolina precisely because Senator Clinton has ideas and plans to benefit newer North Carolinians and more traditional North Carolinians.

I dislike it when the national press tries to sum up Senator Clinton in simple stereotypes, the latest one seeming to be "champion of blue collar America." But what makes Senator Clinton interesting is what makes North Carolina interesting. Senator Clinton is a person of many dimensions, with a variety of interests, concerns, likes, and dislikes. She can be sophisticated AND down-to-earth; humorous AND serious; a bowler AND a white-wine drinker.

This is the point that Moore and Lewis were making, at the state level, about North Carolina. Like most people - like Senator Clinton - North Carolina has more to it than a single soundbite can summarize.

(There's already a lot of excitement about Senator Clinton, according to local news out of North Carolina.)

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