Saturday, April 19, 2008

Media roundup: North Carolina - Maya Angelou and more

Senator Clinton does not expect to win North Carolina. But she will still work for every last vote in that state, because Senator Clinton wants all states, and all Democratic voters, to be have a full say in this nomination contest. Somewhat more balanced coverage has started to emerge with regard to the joint appearance Senator Clinton made with Dr. Maya Angelou, whose 80th birthday is being recognized by Winston-Salem, home of Wake Forest University, where the event was held. Dr. Angelou's actual birthday was earlier this month, but she has an an all-too-interesting reason for preferring celebrations on different dates.

Elsewhere in North Carolina, the Clinton campaign has been opening offices. Here is what local media says matters to N.C. voters.

Meanwhile, Senator McCain is being rather weird about releasing his and his wife's tax returns. And Senator Obama is blitzing Pennslyvanians with $2 million advertising dollars this weekend.

Today especially, please give Dr. Angelou a birthday gift - and Senator Clinton a lift. Donate to Senator Clinton's campaign! How about $8.00 - or $80 - in recognition of Maya Angelous's 80th.

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