Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's clarify the meaning of donations as a show of support

It makes no sense to simply equate amount of money raised with the support either Senator Clinton or Senator Obama has earned with regard to winning the votes of superdelegates. This must be emphasized because I keep reading that the amount of money a candidate raises is a signal to superdelegates.

Remember, superdelegates are supposed to vote according to what they regard as the best interests of the Democratic Party as a whole.

A candidate who keeps winning primaries even while being outspent might very well be the best choice to top the ticket for the Democratic Party in November. Such a candidate will have proven her ability to make the most of every dollar donated: this strongly suggests that even if the Republicans have more money, she can defeat their candidate in the general election.

In short, sheer volume of money is not necessarily telling. More revealing is how well a candidate puts dollars to work.


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