Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jobs, Iraq, and Pennsylvania (plus more media coverage)

Two issues matter most fundamentally for the direction of this country. The creation of financially reasonable jobs and a thoughtful removal of our forces in Iraq. The two issues are intertwined: money spent on Iraq is money that could be spent on a range of programs related, directly and indirectly, to job creation; better jobs means more wealth for the people living and working in the U.S., making it possible for individuals to afford alternative energy sources, which, at least right now, tend to be more expensive than even ever increasing energy from oil - and part (in my opinion, a large part) of the reason U.S. troops are in Iraq is to maintain oil supply.

Senator Clinton gets all this. And her message is receiving attention in Wilksebarre and Philadelphia. Wilkesbarre again. In the Philadelphia Inquirer. Again from Philadelphia, analysis of Senator Clinton's most recent ad on the issue. From Aliquippa, PA, coverage about Senator Clinton's take on NAFTA, jobs, and the U.S. economy. From Pittsburgh, coverage about a sensible, militarily and politically advisable withdrawal from Iraq. Clinton's positions stated in Pennsylvania even receive attention from abroad, mixed in with coverage of last night's fundraising performance by Clinton supporter Elton John.

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