Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So, what is Howard Dean doing this week?

In an effort to try to figure out what I am missing about the confusing Dr. Dean, I did some research to see what he is doing to ensure that the Democratic Party ends up with decent process for selecting its nominee; with money to fund the Party apparatus that is especially crucial if the Party intends to stick with Dean's own very expensive "50 state strategy"; and - one can only hope - with a nominee who can effectively beat John McCain.

  • On the public front, Dean gave a speech in Wisconsin at a state Party event, urging Party members to remember to vote for either candidate in the general election.
  • Acting more privately, Dean is trying to make nice to Latinos because he has apparently just realized that they are going to be major players in the general election.
This just is not leadership. Dean cannot raise funds or unite Democrats with tepid talk, public or private. He needs to face the real problem: until the rank and file is confident that the Michigan and Florida delegations will be seated, they are not going to unify - or donate to the DNC.

Meanwhile, David Brooks at the New York Times is back to telling Senator Clinton, who is raising more money than ever, that she should just scoot over and make room for Senator Obama. Could this be because Mr. Brooks, an avowed Republican, does not want John McCain to have to face Hillary Rodham Clinton in November?

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Blogger iguanasaiz said...

I wholeheartedly agree. How can he count on any Democrat in the Fall if hasn't counted our fellow 2,000,000+ Democrats in Florida and Michigan? Many of whom I might add, are Latino! It is not true democracy to disenfranchise any voter in this country. Shame on our party "leaders".

The Democratic party should be grateful to Senator Clinton and her MILLIONS of supporters for hanging tough. As Mr. Dean well knows, where Clinton goes, so go the MILLIONS of Latino votes, and so goes the election in November. Even within the Obama camp, they understand all too well, he has NO chance of winning without the Latino vote. I'm sorry to say, but Richardson is just no help at all where that's concerned. He couldn't even carry the Latino vote in his own home state -- my native state -- and an important swing state -- New Mexico. Not to mention, California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Florida, New York, New Jersey. Now that's the math we should be talking about.

March 27, 2008 at 1:29 PM  

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