Monday, March 17, 2008

Politics IS a contest, nobody is entitled to elected office

Throughout this primary season, I have worked hard to support my preferred candidate, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, without tearing down any of her opponents. But that does not mean that I fail to recognize that elections are contests, and involve winning and losing. All candidates who meet the minimum requirements under law and Democratic Party rules are eligible to compete, to compete as long as they want to, and to compete with effectiveness if they have the necessary resources and support.

Occasionally, it appears that these points are lost on some people. For an example, listen to Matthew Iglesias talking to MSNBC, who seems to be suggesting that Senator Clinton does not have the right to remain in the race.

Senator Clinton has millions of supporters, so many that Senator Obama CANNOT win the nomination even if he were to win every remaining state primary or cause. If the price of unity is bullying the opposition to be quiet and get out the way, that price is too high - it defeats the value of a democratic (small) d nominating process altogether.

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