Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One simple reason... (plus a few others)

Senator Obama should not withdraw from the fight for the Democratic Party nomination. Senator Clinton should not withdraw either. Same reason applies to both: each has millions of supporters, who have voted and donated , and either may succeed in gaining the nomination. For either candidate to drop out now would betray all of those people. Betrayal is wrong. It is also imprudent at time many of the most engaged Democrats, regardless of their preferred candidate, are already angry with the DNC.

Nothing catastrophic about a fight to and even at the convention, as long as the fighting is reasonably fair. Historically, that sort of fighting is more typical than not. It took four ballots for FDR to secure his first nomination for president, in large part because of geographical sectarian division in the Democratic Party. FDR had no problem going on to beat the pants off Hoover.

There were no public cries that John Nance Gardner or FDR (the two top fighters for the nomination) should step aside. Now, after FDR secured the nomination, he reached out to his opponents within the party to ensure a unified front for the general election. THAT is what the eventual winner of this year's nomination contest should be able to do: he or she must have the skills to get past even bitter fights to build winning coalitions.


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