Monday, March 31, 2008

More local media coverage of Senator Clinton

Senator Clinton has been knocking herself out visiting communities in Indiana, and now Kentucky.

These visits show why Senator Clinton will make a great candidate to defeat John McCain. First, there is Senator Clinton's incredible energy and stamina. Second, the visits reveal Senator Clinton's attitude that every vote is worth fighting for and fighting for in person. Third, the content of what she says to people is encouraging, not because it is full of jingoism or bravado masquerading as patriotism. In the tradition of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - himself an inveterate in-person campaigner, Senator Clinton talks about the better reality that is the United States some of the time and how to make that reality more robust and more available. She does not kid herself or the voters about the difficulty of achieving a better economy, better health care, better foreign relations. But she is optimistic. Senator Clinton believes - and demonstrates - that with hard work, truly unexpected triumphs can be had.

That's a message that resonates with me. It appears to be playing well with the voters in the remaining primary states too.


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