Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gratitude to those helping a young person meet Senator Clinton

People can be astonishingly responsive and generous. Not 15 minutes ago I put out a request to total strangers - online community at Taylor Marsh's site - to help me sponsor a student to meet Senator Clinton. Already it looks like one person responded - boosting the effort to reach $1000. We are just about half-way there. If anybody else can help, all contributions through March 25, via this link - - will go to the sponsorship effort.

I'm just wowed by the person who has already helped.
An update: In the effort to purchase a ticket for my student, the range of contributors is really compelling. The current contributions range from $20 to $100, including money from a total stranger who has been reading my blog (!), to a contribution from a member of the House of Representatives to somebody on a very fixed income to young peers of Brian's to another student of mine. Now, I know I must to round up another $510 simply so I can communicate to all these people that THEIR contributions to my student's ticket paid off!

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